A clear brandidentity guarantees recognition, consideration and action.

Brandsparkle not only gives advice it also ensures implementation.


Brandsparkle is convinced about the power of a brand. Do you need help with your brand? Orientation, positioning a digital marketing strategy or a pitch development? Please contact us for interim and freelance assignments.


The founder Kate Maat builds upon a solid and varied experience in digital and traditional brand marketing management. With sparkle and result Kate guides your brand in the market place. Challenging projects in brand marketing and business development are what she loves most. Experience in Retail-Luxury-Design and not for profit at your doorstep for your brand to benefit from at reasonable rates.


Brandsparkle directs its project services towards small and mid size companies. Organisations that do not, or at least not on a permanent basis, have sufficient expertise or capacity. Kate Maat is also available for interim assignments in brand marketing management, senior project management or temporarily replacement.



Brand strategy

Brands are like people treat them well A clear and consise image and communication about your brand insures that you rise above the market and do business. In short sessions, we develop a brand compass together, the Brandsparkle scan.

This compass may be used for all internal and external activities. It is a valuable, pragmatic tool for every company be it large or smaller.



Digital Marketing plan


One of those tasks you know you should do but seem tedious or complicated. Brandsparkle will do the job for you. With a professional approach the task is chopped up in smaller pieces and a practical digital marketing plan is delivered.


The quality of your (online) brand presence is a vital condition for succes. The development of a marketing plan is a task that is often not priotised even though it is a tool which saves costs and generates turnover.



How do you create an efficient pitch which sells?


The workload of exisisting asignments is high, the pressure is on but new-business requirs at least as much attention. How to develop a relevant pitch presentation?


Brandsparkle translates your ideas and expertise in a pitch that sells. Over the years, on the client side, Kate has been presented with countless pitches. This has resulted in a sharp eye for detail and an instinct fo what works, this is what you will benefit from.



Content marketing is fuel for your brand


Be relevant, be attractive. Offer content to your target audience not because you want to push something but because you truly want to be of service. That’s the purpose. By offering relevant content you create a bond, a meaningful relationship.


Yes it takes time. After hello who are you? Start building a trusted relation. This will create attention, turnover and loyalty.



How we work

A clear understanding and commitment about what is required and will be delivered is crucial for a good collaboration. What will you receive? When and how much will it cost? Determination, energy and Sparkle guaranteed. Senior level of experience insures efficiency and an up-front cost estimation will avoid unpleasant surprises.


Working with Brandsparkle is possible on an Interim or Free-lance basis The intake is on the house.


1. An introduction brand orientation– whats the problem-analysis-objective (action plan not included)


2. Brandstrategy, Compass, and Positioning tailor made offer


3. Content strategy tailor made offer


4. Content creation


5. Brand project management


6. Brandstrategy


7. Brand and People coaching


8. Pitch development


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