Paris o la la

Paris city of love, fashion, architecture and excitement. Can Can dancers in the Moulin Rouge elegant women with bright red lipstick and “plateaux des fruits de mer” with champagne. Magnificent architecture and rich, proud heritage seamlessly blend in with the provocative attitude of the French. We all have associations with Paris, like we do with a lot of brands. When I think of Paris it is, amongst other things, La Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 107 Rue de Rivoli that springs to mind. Not only is the permanent collection a sight for sore eyes, last week it was specifically the Exposition Christian Dior Couturier de Rève that made me tremble with excitement. The icing on the gateau was the recent opening of the Foundation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent providing an intimate impression of the work and behind the scenes proces of the master. Great Brand-stories to observe and draw lessons from.

Une robe peut avoir l'importance mais c'est la femme qui la porte qui fait toute la différence avec son attitude Maria Grazia Chiure

Christian Dior is a strong brand always led by strong individuals. Maria Grazia Chiuri the current Creative Director is no exception. Mixing authenticity and strong artistic roots with powerful feminism, her first show carried the bold statement, “We should all be feminists”. Women around the world let yourself be seen and heard! I detect a strong liaison with 1947, the year Monsieur Dior founded the Maison. After the gloomy decade of the world war and the practical, almost work wear like attire, women were forced to wear, Christian Dior emphasized the feminine waist and brought color and light to the lives of women around the world, so much like Maria Grazia Chiuri is doing today. Each collection Monsieur Dior created was inspired by an art piece or movement. This strong art connection is still today, the main source of inspiration for the couture creations and carrier of the signature of the brand. After the early passing of Monsieur Dior in 1958 Yves Saint Laurent took the reigns of the Haute Couture house and infused the brand with playfulness. Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent drew inspiration from the world of theatre and I witnessed frivolity and bold statements in the haute couture pieces, always remaining true to himself and his desire to empower women.

La rencontre la plus importante de la vie est la rencontre avec sois-même

Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent worked in his studio at 5 Avenue Monceau in the stylish 16th arrondisement in Paris. His partner in business and life, Monsieur Pierre Bergé described him as fearful, schizophrenic and shy like most artists. Few interruptions in the studio were tolerated with the exception of his loyal compagnon, the dog, some say her name was Loulou, she never talked back.

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